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The Future and Present of Renewable Energy in Ukraine

Topics of reports

  1. “National Renewable energy Action Plan, Goals and Objectives”.

  2. "The Electricity market in Ukraine. The newest legislation. Energy auction opportunities and reservations for Renewable energy".  

  3. “Solar Energy and Wind power in Ukraine. Prospects, Needs and Tasks".

  4. "Renewable Ukraine - plans and trends."  

  5. “Government Economic and Legislative initiatives to promote renewable energy".  

  6. “Common and feed-in tariffs in Ukraine. Legislative and economical trends”.

  7. “Scientific research and developments as a means of promoting Renewable Energy”.

  8. “Hydrogen and the Geothermal Energy. Development prospects. Experience and cooperation”.

  9. “Hydrogen in alternative energy and the latest technologies”.

  10. “Solar and Hydrogen industry. Unification possibilities”.

  11. “Manufacture of renewable hydrogen in Ukraine”.

  12. "Storage energy in Ukraine. Prospects, Needs and Tasks".

  13. "Bioenergy in Ukraine. Prospects, Needs and Tasks".

Business Roundtables & Panel Discussions

  1. "Renewable energy development strategy and tactics in Ukraine".

  2. “Autonomous and interrelate microgrids".


 Renewable energy in Ukraine's commercial, industrial and residential sectors 

Topics of reports

  1. “Introduction of innovative Renewable energy technologies as a means of enhancing defense potential”.

  2.  "The role of microgrids in disasters and emergency recovery of infrastructure".

  3. "Utilization of used solar panels. Problems and the estimated concentration".

  4. “Introduction of renewable energy as an economic and political component of the efficiency of local government activity”.

  5. “The local councils - openness to energy investments”.

  6. “Introduction of energy efficient technologies in construction”. 

  7. “Urban energy modernization. Needs and experience”.

  8. “Electric municipal transport. Implementation possibilities”.

  9. “The Global Revolution of the Micro-networks. The situation in Ukraine.

  10.  Use for energy supply of residential, commercial, governmental, military-engineering, and industrial facilities”.

  11. “The newest projects of local authorities regarding implementation of energy saving”.

  12. “Energy storage technologies along with the use of Solar Energy as a security solution”.

Business Roundtables & Panel Discussions

  1. “New technologies in renewable energy as a means of decreasing the cost of utilities”.

  2. “Housing cooperative and energy saving. State support. Problems, Goals and Tasks”. 


1. “Introduction of Renewable energy in energy infrastructure of industrial,

commercial and municipal facilities. 

Utilities and Renewable Energy. The greatest opportunities for

cooperation between utilities and technological solution suppliers”.


Renewable energy for business.
Economy and economics in the field of renewable energy.

Topics of reports

  1. “The State Highway Agency and the State Railway Administration of        Ukraine”.Opportunities for introduction of Renewable Energy”.

  2. “Innovation projects of the Renewable energy market of Ukraine”.

  3. "Certification and Normalization in the field of Renewable Energy in Ukraine.

  4. “Offers of Hydrogen for business”.

  5. “Electric utility transport: business offers and needs of the Ukrainian market”.

  6. “From operational effectiveness to cost. Economy and efficiency of solar solutions for army and business opportunities for suppliers”.

  7. “Energy modernization issues of security forces by reference to small appliances built using renewable energy sources".

  8. “Standards and legislation of Ukraine in external activity for suppliers of equipment and technological solutions in the field of renewable energy”.

  9.  “Silicon and Lithium. Fossil opportunities for Ukraine to supply raw  materials for renewable energy".

  10. “Floating solar modules. Prospects and cautions”.

  11. “Peek productivity and estimated return on investment”.

  12. Cost of energy conservation as an economic component of renewable energy.

  13. Bio fuel energy as an economic component of business models of industry.

Business Roundtables & Panel Discussions

  1. “Provision of uninterrupted power supply for security and lighting facilities”.

  2. “Introduction of Renewable energy in energy infrastructure of industrial, commercial and municipal facilities”.


1.  “On-grid”, “Off-grid”, and “Hybrid” - autonomous energy systems. Saving and economy of renewable energy”. Renewable energy for business and business for Renewable energy".