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Exhibition segments by

REEX-Renewable Energy Business Forum

•  Solar and wind energy. Equipment, technology and materials.

•  Solar cells: solar panels and modules.

•  Polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules.

•  Thin-film solar modules.

•  Charge controllers.

•  Design and construction of solar and wind power plants.

•  Network and autonomous inverters.

•  Autonomous power supply systems.

•  Energy storage. Equipment technology and materials.

•  Energy storage and conservation systems.

•  Financial, investment and consulting companies.

•  Autonomous water and heat pumps.

•  Solutions for the integration of renewable energy sources.

•  Cables, connectors, distribution boards and boxes.

•  Intellectual control systems and measurements in power   


• Equipment for the production of solar cells and modules.

• Mounting systems and devices.

• Software.

• Tracking systems.

• Production and automation technologies.

• Monitoring and measurement technologies.

• Micro-grids.

• Solar thermal collectors.

• Network infrastructure.

• Photovoltaic components.

• Integrated solutions and innovations.

• Materials and components.

• Small solar devices.

•  Solar heating technology.

•  Integrated solutions for the use of renewable energy on the       

    facades of buildings.

•  Photovoltaic systems for residential buildings.

•  Ceiling PV systems for industrial and commercial applications.

•  Electric public transport.

•  Charging stations.

•  Lighting based on renewable energy sources.

•  New technologies, energy-saving materials for multi-storey     


•  Infrastructure objects on renewable energy sources.

•  Equipment for emergency repair work with power supply from

    renewable energy sources.

•  New technologies, energy-saving materials for multi-storey   


• Hydrogen fuel cells.

• Hydrogen powered propulsion systems. Transport.

• Geothermal power plants.

• Technologies and equipment.

• Scientific organizations. Research institutes.

• Representative offices of the State regulatory bodies.

• Easy-to-deploy solar-powered equipment.

• Drones.

• Communications, communication devices.

• Technologies and integrated solutions based on renewable energy for military purposes.

• Rescue equipment based on renewable energy sources.