To participate in the forum applicant must properly prepare and submit an application (which has the power to contract) to the organizer. For application form visit "Register you booth" 

Preliminary booking of the exhibition space takes place after all key requirements and wishes of the participant have been thoroughly checked and agreed. The final reservation of the exhibition area, with a specific location, occurs after payment for participation in the forum.


Cost of participation

The cost of participation depends on the type of stand and its configuration:

        Booth   Type A   120 Euro per sqm

        Booth   Type B   140 Euro per sqm

        Booth   Type C   220 Euro per sqm

        Booth   Type D   100 Euro per sqm

¹ When reserving exhibition stands by the Participant until November 18, 2019, a 20% discount is valid.

² On two-storey stands the Participant additionally pays 50% of the cost of the ordered area

³ Independent construction of stands, by the Participant, is allowed only with the approval of the Organizer, and payment of the accreditation fee, in the amount of 15 euros per 1 m² of stand space.

Minimum booth size - 6 m²

Installation of exhibition equipment


The installation time of the exhibition equipment is:

December 09 from 12:00am  to 09:00pm

It is forbidden to carry out installation work after the abovementioned schedule

Opening hours of exhibition halls                 Forum working hours

December 09 from  12:00pm to 09:00pm         

December 10 from  09:00am to 07:00pm           10:00am to 07:00pm

December 11 from  09:00am to 11:00pm           10:00am to 05:00pm

The participant is obliged to maintain the exhibition equipment in sufficient quantity and quality throughout the duration of the event. If the Participant does not comply with this condition, the Organizer may impose a fine in the amount of 25% of the reserved stand volume, but not less than 300 euros, and prohibit participation in upcoming events.

Dismantling of the exhibition equipment is carried out:

December 11  from 5:00pm to 11:00pm

The exhibition equipment provided by the Organizer to the Participant must be returned in proper condition. The participant is responsible for damage to the exhibition equipment, floor, walls and other equipment of the exhibition center.


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